About Us


Bootstrapped Brut Cider

Jerry grew up on Edgewood Farm as a child and has love the country ever since.  Jerry attended VCU prior to leading a successful career in corporate finance in Arlington VA. 

One day, Jerry realized he was slowly dying in an office, having his soul slowly sucked from his body. Instead of letting that happen, Jerry chose to spend more time being a dad and  take care of the family farm he grew up on.

Having grown up on an apple orchard, cider was a natural transition. Having heard stories of cider and apple brandy production on the farm as far back as the 1850's, the opportunity to quit the office life and make booze was too hard to resist.

About Edgewood



The story of Bryant's begins in the years following the American Civil War. A young Southern officer returning home to the Virginia Blue Ridge, inherited acreage and an overseer’s log cabin upon his father’s death in 1865. From these modest beginning he developed a prominent orchard farm called Edgewood.



The orchards and farm eventually passed to his granddaughter and her husband. They not only preserved the orchards throughout the Great Depression, but expanded the farm to include peaches, lumber and cattle.


 In the late-1960s, Hurricane Camille swept through Nelson County Virginia, destroying a large portion of Edgewood farm. Again, a great-granddaughter and her husband saved the farm. They restored the house, replanted the acreage, and reestablished the orchards.




Today, through six generations, begins a new chapter for Edgewood farm through Bryant's Cider. Preserving a legacy – not just of the land – but of strength, commitment, perseverance and preservation. We are dedicated to sustainable agriculture and preserving the natural resources of Virginia.