Now opened in Richmond @ 308 North Adams St.

Brut Ciders


100% Sugar Free

Most ciders are sweet, but not ours. We ferment our cider until no sugar is remaining and never back sweeten. 

Natural Carbonation

Bryant's vessel conditions all of its ciders. Every bottle, keg and can contains live yeast to naturally carbonate the cider.

Farm to Bottle

Yep! The apples in our cider are grown on out farm, not somewhere else. We never uses concentrates like the big guys. 

Whole Ingredients

Yeah we have flavor! Bryant's only uses whole ingredients that are organic or local whenever possible. We never use bulk extracts or juices to add flavor. 

Properly Aged

Low and slow isn't just for BBQ. We ferment and age our cider at low temperatures to ensure the best possible craft cider possible.

Hand Made

We hand bottle, keg and can everything. At least until we can afford expensive equipment ;)

Hand Crafted

Now Available

Available Now:

Unicorn Fuel - Rosehips and Hibiscus

Chaider - Chai Spiced

Brite Good - Dry

Coolbanero - Cucumber Habanero

Hell Hop - Hopped Cider

Ol' Lady - Bourbon & Ginger

Still Swingin - Boutbon & Peach

PunkKing - Pumpkin Spice

Red Eye -Cold Brew Coffee

Corpse Reviver - Gin

Ecto Cooler - Hi-C inspired

Dragon's Eye - Longan and Matcha