Now opened in Richmond @ 308 North Adams St.

Hand Craft Cider

From an old Farm Garage

We built our cidery to produce premium ciders using only local apples (mostly our own). Fermenting only in small batches.

We take pride in our Ciders

You wont get a processed cider here. We NEVER use concentrates, preservatives, artificial flavors, or any other chemicals in our cider. (we do use sulfites)

Made by Hand

We age our cider no less than three months to allow the cider to develop a distinctive flavor profile. 

Every bottle we produce is hand-filled and bottle conditioned. (It's because we like you.) 

Now Available

Available Now:

Unicorn Fuel - Rosehips and Hibiscus

Chaider - Chai Spiced

Brite Good - Dry

Coolbanero - Cucumber Habanero

Hell Hop - Hopped Cider

Ol' Lady - Bourbon & Ginger

Still Swingin - Boutbon & Peach

PunkKing - Pumpkin Spice

Red Eye -Cold Brew Coffee

Corpse Reviver - Gin